Pokémon X

A 3D world breathtaking awaits you in Pokémon X, exclusively on Nintendo 3DS. Kalos traveling in the region, a land steeped in mystery that you will discover in the next Pokémon evolution and you can choose from three new recently discovered Pokémon start to begin your journey!
In this RPG, choose one of the recently discovered three starting Pokemon to start your adventure: Marisson (type Plant), Feunnec (type fire) or Grenousse (type Water). Each of them has its own abilities and gain experience in progressively fights to become stronger and move forward.
In Pokémon X, your Pokémon adventure has a new standard. Every corner of the Kalos region asteroid full of life, cobbled streets of Illumis deep in the wild pampas. Illumis is a thriving metropolis, the tower built in the center full of shops where affluent customers, and you will find anything explore fail.
Many newly discovered Pokémon waiting to be met. For example Chevroum is a plant-type Pokémon so tough it can carry a person on his back, or Nymphali, the new evolution of Évolie, or a mysterious Pokémon that is connected somehow to Mewtwo. There are also Xerneas, a Legendary Pokémon recently discovered.
Armed with your new Pokédex, get ready for a new Pokémon adventure area Kalos