Pokémon PC Games

Embark on a new experience you Kanto Explore thirty-five years in the past where two trainers grass, two friends embark on an unprecedented journey. Discover through the region that has it all and know what it was before the Great War. Even local, but with new twists. Find even the brand new areas of Kanto not seen.A game story centered on the struggles and triumphs of Agatha 'Elite Four member in red - blue' and Samuel Oak 'Professor Oak, Red - Blue' .Des different experiences depending on that you play and improved weather system, and many more exciting features.

Download 539MB USA

                                               Pokémon MOON Version

Great Games For PC Pokémon MOON USA Version,
18 Gyms (1 of each type), an Elite 4 and a Champion,All Mega-evolutions,All 721 Pokémon,A brand new region and other


                                          Pokémon Planet MMORPG

 hi friends, I present a game that I like, a MMORPG games you play Online with your friends and other people, I tested myself there really great I put the site link to play If you want.


                                                 Link for website : Pokémon-Planet

                                                   Animated Battle XY: Download

                                             Pokémon Planet V1 MMO

hi friends, today I show you two MMO games, they are not bad you can ride with your pokemon you amuse you I already play these games but not alot .
I'll tell you a short description of the game.

Planet is a 3D Pokémon Pokémon action MMO that is currently in development for Windows and Linux. Players will be able to create an account and log in and play with other players in the game world. Players are able to customize their character in the creation in various fields, including clothing from the height, eye color, hair, and more. Other clothing items can also be found as you progress through the game players also choose a class for their character that will guide their style of play. However, players are able to play freely and skills as one of the class archetypes whenever they want


                                               Pokémon Generation MMO

again for another MMO games I can say pretty much the same as a Pokemon planet, but can not play a lot in this game
I'll tell you a short description of the game.
Pokémon: Generations is a free, unofficial, 3D Action / Adventure / RPG heavily inspired by both the Pokemon Anime & The Pokémon video games. The game will contain aspects of both single and multiplayer, with a history of bridging the gap between CGC and RUBY.

As progress continues, updates will be available on the starter. If you are interested in helping the project, please note that we are only interested in asset gatherer / creators, but all the support is both popular and very exciting, and we are grateful for that.