Pokémon Fuligin

Pokemon Fuligin is a hack-rom FireRed Gameboy Advance with new landscapes, cities and history.You are on a boy or girl and live with your mother and your brother in the small town of Alora. The story begins like Pokémon FireRed where you get your first Pokémon and Pokédex in the laboratory of Professor Oak. Soon you learn that your brother is bound to Team Rocket and wants to convince you to join them because, after all, they are not so bad. You will need to prove yourself to progress within the hierarchy of the organization and reach, why not, the top of it. Meanwhile, a terrible pair of Pokémon determined to dominate the world, rages and terrorizing the population

English Version
Rombase: Redfire


New GYM Leaders and Characters
All Pokemon from Gen I,IIandIII
Play as Team Rocket Member
Harder than original games
Good and Long Gamplay