Pokémon Dark Rising

 Pokemon Dark Rising is the first part of Dark Rising Series that is owned by Dark Ring Girl. with new story,The story begins in a dream. A Pokémon appears suddenly and you chose to save not only him but also the world. You wake up by asking you questions. Deciding to ignore the dream for now, you go out in your hometown known as the Fells in the Core area. Your best friend, who also had the same dream, you stop at the front door to alert you to an emergency message from the teacher. When you meet him, he quickly informs you of climatic disasters that occur throughout the region. His workers are in a panic, he invites you to visit the delivery station and pick up a package of Professor Oak to him. As you embark on this simple task, you meet a mysterious girl who seems to have knowledge of the dream you had on a Pokémon DARUGIS.with Father and your mother at your bedside. You already start to realize that all this is just the beginning of a journey full of mysteries and powerful Pokémon that you are eager to face.

USA Version
Rombase: Redfire


Pokemon from regions Kanto-Johto-Hoenn-Sinnoh And Unova
All Original Characters And Trainers
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