IOS GBA Emulator

Hi Friends Were you looking for a emulator for your iphone or ipad even without a jailbreak?

here is an emulator that works with IOS 8.3 and more.

GBA4iOS Emulator 2.1 is compatible with iPhone and iPad iOS 8.3 jailbreak or not.


GBA4IOS is an emulator 3in1. It allows to play Game Boy Advance games, Game Boy Color, Game Boy as well. The application is not available on the App Store but she moved without having to jailbreak the device.
Who has never dreamed of playing directly on their iPhone? If you are one of them, it is likely that the implementation GBA4iOS interest

                                          Here's how to install it, your jailbroken iDevice or not

                                                 1.On your iDevice, go to this link : LINK  
                                             'if you request a password please contact me' 

                                                                   2.Press ( Install App). 

                                                                 3.Confirm Installation.

                                         4.the application is downloaded on your Springboard.

                                                                        How to add ROM ? 
1-Rom offers the Site:LINK
2- Or Open the browser on your device and then go to the websitethe one you want  to download the game ,once it is downloaded, select either Open in GBA4iOS and press GBA4iOS.

Or If the emulator that does not work try this the LINK