3DS Emulator

There is already a 3DS emulator, the Citra (citra-emu.org). It is still in development and trial versions are released.

The emulator Citra the only emulator that I can trust because everything else on youtube are fake
no emu3ds or any other emulator you notice between the page and you have to pay to buy and to end the emulator asks you a BIOS
I leave here the link of the emulator and tools for the emulator

the emulator works but on some games
Citra Fix PROULTIMATE+Savès inclus(RECOMMANDED): Download

CRO Lighting Fragment Audio Version v3.1.1 (Recommanded): Download


DirectX Updater: Download 
If you have problems OpenAL sound Download Citra Emulator: Download 

MSVCP140.dll SOLUTION: important to use the emulator updated this need to be installed:Download

Tools to run the emulator must be installed on your computer: 
Visual Studio 2015packages redistribuables pour Visual Studio 2015 Visual C ++:Download