Pokémon Ascension

Pokémon Ascension it's a great game with alot of new,with every generation of Pokémon and Mega evolutions,It all starts in Little Wing Town with Steven and Cynthia when out on his Pokémon journey with his first Pokémon from the Kalos region. The course of your adventure or Steven Cynthia discovers a team called Team Omega, which attacks the city of Rusturd City. After this attack the Team Omega will appear many times during the game aiming destruction with their Pokémon of darkness. And not just by Team Omega there is also a rival team called Alpha Team who have opposing values, these are aimed at the ultimate purity and perfection. The team Omega mainly struggle to find a legendary Pokémon called Lugia order to make it dark, as the Team Alpha aims to find where you live a Pokémon that has the ability to transform nature around you in life and energy, because with it will able to conquer the world the way you want: pure and perfect.

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Pokémon Zeta&Omicron

hi here are two computer games everyone know but not everyone play, it is pokémon Zeta and Pokémon Omicron two wonderful version ,a well-made games and cool to play new graphic new rival and other you most discover on your own

                                              Omicron USA Download              Zeta USA Download                                                      

Pokémon Gen0 Agatha's Story

Embark on a new experience you Kanto Explore thirty-five years in the past where two trainers grass, two friends embark on an unprecedented journey. Discover through the region that has it all and know what it was before the Great War. Even local, but with new twists. Find even the brand new areas of Kanto not seen.A game story centered on the struggles and triumphs of Agatha 'Elite Four member in red - blue' and Samuel Oak 'Professor Oak, Red - Blue' .Des different experiences depending on that you play and improved weather system, and many more exciting features.

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How Play GBA Hack Roms in 3DS

CIA file is the application who download and install the 3ds sd card. You can make any rom the cia 3ds format and install them in the home menu by the linker 3ds Gateway.

                                                                      How To Play

                                                             The necessary firmware:

BigBlueMenu: cia install file
SaveDataFiler: the game save data manage.

1.Put your.cia manager at the root of your SD card in the Gateway. If your manager is the format .cia this is obviously not good. You must go back and download the driver from a .3ds format. The card again when finished

2.Turn off your 3DS and copy your file .cia on internal SD card. It can be copied to a folder if you wish because BBM manages directories. Put the card in the console when finished

3.Start your console on EMUnand and press Select  choose the BBM called Title Manager and press A. This will trick your 3DS games there is a cartridge in the drive. Select the icon of the game cartridge and the BBM will launch

4.Press the directional pad right to access the HCC list, then use the arrow keys to navigate to the folder where you have placed your .cia. Highlight your .cia and press A import to start the installation.

5.When finished, press the Home button and close the application like a game. On the Home screen, you should now see your application .cia installed